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On-Line Marketing

* 80% of users visit only the first 2 search pages
Market Share by Search Engine
* Google about 88.50%
* Bing about 6.35%
* Yahoo about 2.69%
* DuckDuckGo about 2.00%
* Yandex about 0.20%
* All other search engines combined are about 0.26%
   NOTE: Bing currently supplies results for Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and AOL. Get listed on Bing lists you on all 4, approx 11% of the market. Effective Sept 2023.

Getting your name on the internet properly takes some time, but produces results. You can list your business yourself or hire a professional to handle it for you. Either way, consider us your web marketing resource. Ask any questions you have, we’re glad to help!

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Submission




Let us get your site optimized and ready for search engines to rank you favorably.

Monthly Accounts:
We work hard each month to help your site rank better, and provide written reports you can use to compare month to month results.
Our plans are all month to month, meaning if you are not satisfied you can cancel any time at the end of the current month. No penalties, no long term commitments. Continue your plan with us if we work hard for you, cancel if we don't. I can't be more fair!

$199 One Time Accounts:
We select keywords for your business, and submit to search engines and other on-line services. We will work on local search results or national depending upon your business model. Includes mapping and much more. No commitments, no monthly costs. We do the work and get you listed.


As with all things, cost is based upon time expended. We break down large tasks into smaller steps to make your marketing and management function within your budget.

Cost Billed Monthly
$29.95 - 3 hours executed quarterly, March, June, Sept, December (12hrs/yr)
$49.95 - 6 hours executed bi-monthly, odd months (1,3,5,7,9,11) (36hrs/yr)
$99       - 5 hours executed monthly (60hrs/yr)
$199    - 12 hours executed monthly (144hrs/yr)
$399    - 24 hours executed monthly (288hrs/yr)
$499    - 30 hours executed monthly (360hrs/yr)

Time expended for site changes and maintenance is deducted and remaining time is spent on marketing and SEO tasks. Every month you get the full time you purchase.
Marketing Functions
Management Functions
FREE Target Keyword Analysis and Insertion
Meta Keywords
Meta Title
Meta Description
Site Rankings Report
Content Management
Site Optimization
SEO Issues Reduction & Correction
Keyword Monitoring & Revisions
Submit to Google Search Engine
Google Webmaster Tools
Bing Webmaster Tools
Submit to Bing Search Engine
Submit to Yahoo Search Engine
Submit to AOL Search Engine
Submit to DuckDuck Search Engine
Submit to 300~ additional Online Directories
Submit to Google Maps
Cell Phone Mapping
Google Analytics Setup
Add Analytics Code to site
Technical Audit and Corrections Applied
Automated Backups w/Hosting
FREE Hosting
FREE Domain Name
FREE SSL management w/Hosting
Automated Trojan and Virus Scans w/Hosting
Free Subscription to AmeriNews the AmeriWeb Hosting eNewsletter

Graphics Responsive Graphics code Inserted
Spell Check of all pages
404 Dead Link Checking
Add OG: Code
Add Schema Code
Add json code
Set Language Flag
FREE Sitemap Creation
QR Code artwork for your use
Add favicon
Add Geo Tag Location Code
htaccess Optimization
robots.txt Optimization
Content Management
Site Optimization
emailed monthly with each account and includes all this and more:
    Key Metrics
    Session Trends
    Keywords Analysis
    Competitors Ranking
    Broken Links Check
    Social Citations Count
    SEO Issues
    Website Speed Score
    Mobile Speed Score
    Reputation Scoring
    Competition Comparison

PDF ANALYSIS REPORT Free with any management/marketing package
$10 per month for do-it-yourselfers


Customer Support

We offer routine customer support during normal business hours, and are available 24/7 including all holidays for emergency service if needed.


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