Refund Policy

Any customer may request a full refund of the current month's fees (prorated to the date of cancelation) and to-date pre-paid fees for future months
, less any additional over-usage, setup fees and free domain registration costs (costs of free domain registrations are calculated at the regular cost of the domain registrations). Terminated accounts are not eligible for this guarantee if the termination occurred due to a violation of this TOS. We do not require contracts or term hosting, so you are never locked in to hosting for a long period of time.

Designs, Graphic Artist Services, Copywriting:
We will refund at 100% for any work not yet completed. For work already completed, we will provide the artwork or service completed thus far, and prorate a refund for the balance.

Domain Names:
Refunds of domain names and SSL Certificates are governed by the registrar handling the original transaction. We are a reseller for several registrars, a function meant to provide additional services to our clients at a savings. If you have any questions regarding your purchase, contact support.

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