What is an email signature?

Attaching a signature with your contact information to all outgoing emails is a great idea to make it easy for your contacts to easily find you. You can have all major email software automatically insert your signature at the bottom of your emails. Usually found in Tools>email address>signature or a similar location. If you use webmail, find signatures in the OPTIONS area.

Our own signature lists our business name, web site and phone number, along with a small indication of what we do. There is reason to keep it short, as long signatures won't be read. My signature is:

Robert Kalnes
AmeriWeb Hosting (773) 735-5144
Web Site Hosting and Design Services

AmeriWeb Hosting (https://ameriwebhosting.com)

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Now I'll be the first to admit that it's not great, but this signature accomplishes the basic objectives:
1. It provides my email address. Don't assume that just because your email address can be found in the header of the message, it WILL be found. Internet newbies need you to provide the information to them where they expect to see it...in a signature file.
2. It provides my Web address, and it's got "https://" in front of it. Since almost all current email clients will turn text with "https://" into a click able link, this makes it easier for your correspondents to connect to your site.
3. It provides a phone number. Your correspondents will frequently need this, particularly in a business situation. Having the information in your signature will often make the difference between a telephone inquiry or follow-up and deferring the call until the phone number is found (and you know how often that is going to happen!). Plus the phone number is often dialed with one click on most cell phones. Handy!
4. It provides a marketing message which helps identify what we do.

Using an email signature is free, and a great way to "not annoy" your customers.
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