Tips on finding a great domain name

Tips on finding a great domain name.

  1. Always use your business name as the domain name. Your visitors should have only one name to remember your business - be it your business or your domain name.
  2. Your domain name should be short and/or easy to remember. The limit is 67 characters, don't use them all. Domain names that are short and easy to remember names make it easier for your visitors to visit you repeatedly.
  3. In addition to Tip #2, avoid using more than 4 words in your domain name. For example, avoid It is both difficult to remember and type. Having said so, it is increasing difficult to buy short domain names.
  4. On top of registering a domain using your business name, register another domain name that is related to your business sector: For example, register and register You can point both domain names to the same website. Use popular keywords when you do this.
  5. If you have a domain name that is easily misspelled, you should also register the misspelled domain name. Why would you want to do this? Simple, your visitor will still get to you when they misspelled your domain name.
  6. If you need to use abbreviations, use only those that made sense and/or easy to remember. For example, instead of using, it might be easier to use
  7. Avoid using hyphenated domain names. The advantage of hyphenated domain names is that it is easier to spot when printed. For example: is easier to read as compared to The downside is when the domain name is communicated verbally. To really make sure the person you talk to get to your website, you have to pronounce it as "www dot institute hyphen of hyphen mental hyphen health dot com" as compared to pronouncing it "www dot institute of mental health dot com". It is such a pain.
  8. Avoid using "to" or "for" in your domain name. It can be confusing as your visitors may type "2" or "4" instead.
  9. Avoid using numbers in your domain name. Similar to Tip #6, your visitors may type in the number in full instead of using the numeric key.
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