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Alias Domains included with all hosting plans

If you have several domain names, we can set up our server to allow them to point directly to your web site at no additional cost. This is exceptionally useful if you have a domain name that is commonly misspelled. We can point www.twowidgets.com  to your site www.2widgets.com. Type in either, and visitors will end up at your site.

To add this free service to your existing site,

  1. Send us an email with your primary domain and the alias domain
  2. Set your nameservers on the alias domain to the same as those of your primary domain

We'll take it from there! Best of all, it is a free service included with your hosting account.

NOTE: If you prefer to do this yourself, log into your cPanel control panel account, click on PARKED DOMAINS and add the url. It is inserted automatically.

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