Premium Spam Filtering Service for pennies a day

Combating spam is typically done on several levels. Both proactive and reactive.

Proactive filtering uses scripts and robots that adapt and rank the likelyhood that a particular email is spam and not a legitimate email. The trick here is to set the filtering levels high enough to catch most of the spam without deleting good email. We have only one ranking system in place and have set the level conservatively to ensure no legitimate emails are falsely labeled as spam.

Reactive filtering compares a list of known spammers against incoming email. If the email originates from a known spammer it is labeled as spam as well.  We currently use 5 external filters, each with its own unique putpose. One filters by maintaining a list of known sources of spam. One filters email originating from servers that are not secure and sending out spam. Another maintains "'seed" emails that are never used for anything. An email sent to them is deemed spam as nobody uses them for any purpose.

We have been testing a new spam filtering system for email, and it has been quite successful at filtering out spam without labeling legitimate email. It deleted approximately 35,000 spam emails on our own accounts in the last several weeks with only one false positive. Yes we are a spammer's playground.

This service is available to you by subscription. The cost is either $6.95 per month or $60 per year. This is a per domain cost, so if you have 1 email or 100 using your domain name, the cost is the same.

If you would like to test it out for a few weeks prior to ordering, plese contact us, we will set you up for a free trial. This service currently has over 2.6 million filters that scrub email of spam, and they tweak their filters with real human testers for accuracy. At this cost, it is quite a bargain.

Please let me know if you would like to have this service enabled for your email accounts. Again, there will be no cost to you for a free trial account.

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