How To Use a Forwarding Email Address

Included with your web hosting account with AmeriWeb Hosting, the email forwarding feature allows a copy of any email sent to one address to be forwarded to another address. The receiving email address must be hosted on our server, however it can be forwarded to any outside email service.

You can use this in your marketing to count your responses. Simply create an email forward ( for instance) and forward it to Then advertise the forward email ad1@. The number of emails received at ad1@ are your advertising responses. You can have as many as you need, so create a new email for each advertising program you are running.

As a side benefit, when the spammers find your advertising email and start hitting it heavily with spam you can simply delete it. Spam issue resolved!

You can set up your own forwarding emails from cPanel>EMAIL>FORWARDS, or open a support ticket and we will do it for you. SUPPORT AREA FOUND HERE.

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