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Invoice Notification Schedule

Billing is never a happy subject, but we have worked to at least make it predictable for our customers. We prorate all first invoices to the 5th of the month. Then we send out our bills according to this schedule:

25th --- Invoices created, due in 10 days
5th ---- Invoice Due
7th ---- Courtesy Overdue Reminder
12th -- 2nd
Courtesy Overdue Reminder
17th --
3rd Courtesy Overdue Reminder
25th -- Late Fee added $5
5th of following month, account suspended.
After being suspended for 10 days, your account is considered abandoned and will be deleted. We do not guarantee backups on abandoned accounts.

If we manage your domain name, we begin sending out reminders approx 30 days prior to the due date.

Our invoices and reminders are sent using an automated system. Even my own sister gets Courtesy Overdue Reminders when her hosting falls behind. And I know where she lives!

As always, if you are a little behind in your account, please call and we will do our best to keep your site up and running without issue.

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