How do I clear my browser's cache?

In FireFox (Mozilla) Click on TOOLS>CLEAR INTERNET CACHE. In IE  TOOLS>INTERNET OPTIONS and click DELETE under Browsing Hostory". A second method across almost all platforms is to simply load the page, then hit F5. This also forces the page to reload, but it is not 100% successful. Try either way to see what works best!

Changes made to your site, once they are uoploaded to the site, are instantaneous. There is no waiting period. If you are still seeing the old version after properly uploading a revised page, your browser may have the old page cached.

Browsers cache visited web pages, and refer to the ones held in memory instead of fetching over the internet repeatedly. This saves on network traffic and helps the pages to load faster. It is generally a good idea. They also save individual images, so a template will load once but be displayed on multiple pages. Saves download time, etc. They expire after a predetermined length of time.

This works GREAT until something changes. Then you are going to see the old page until it expires. Clearing the cache deletes the existing saved page, and forces the browser to fetch the new version from the source again, which will be the revised page.

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