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What is my absolute path to root?


Be sure to replace "cpanel-username" with your actual cPanel user name.

  • The home folder is on the root of the server. Customers cannot access this level.
  • The home/username/ path is called your "home directory", which you can access via FTP or File Manager.
  • The home/username/public_html/ folder is where all website files are kept, called your "web root".

Imagine that the home directory is a filing cabinet. The username folder is like having your own drawer, and other people use the other drawers. You can only access your own drawer and not the others.

Imagine that inside your drawer are several folders. These folders keep important information for your account.

  • The public_html folder has all of your primary and addon domains' website files.
  • The www folder is exactly the same as the public_html folder. So, the folder has 2 names.
  • The mail folder contains all the information for your emails.
  • There are many other folders, but you should only change things inside the public_html (www) folder.

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