Market Your Business Locally

One of the most effective methods of locally advertising your web site is to alert current customers you are on-line. Whether you prefer to mail a letter announcement, or choose to simply include your URL on your stationery, receipts and advertising, this is a powerful tool for any business.

Here are several ideas for locally advertising your web site:

  • Print URL on all paperwork (receipts, flyers, letterheads, etc)
  • Put your URL on your automobile
  • Place a BIG SIGN in your window with your URL announcing you can be found on the WWW
  • Include your URL in all advertisements
  • Tell customers you have additional information for them online
  • Mail letters or postcards to past customers
  • Print a small flier and place it into bags with every purchase
  • Include it on Radio advertising (The WXMX time is 10 O'Clock, sponsored by where you can find Widgets of all sizes.
  • Place a news release in the hands of local papers alerting them to your web site

Web sites are a FANTASTIC advertising tool if you use it properly. Contact us if you want more ideas, and we're glad to help get you off the ground at little or no cost!

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