Special Offers can lead to more sales

People always respond to a special offer or a discount. In today's market, it is imperative to have something to offer prospects. Routine ideas include sale prices, free samples or 2 for 1 deals. While giving a discount is pretty much a universal marketing strategy, there are better ways.

  • A retailer in an older neighborhood or town might research the area's history and print up a small booklet to be given with every purchase. Really advertise the content, as if the book was a product selling for a princely sum. Then give it away. Naturally their ad would appear.
  • A vendor selling soda bottles might give away free bottle openers, a shoe store might give away cleaning supplies or shoe horns.
  • One of the best for food vendors is free samples. Tell them how great your product is, let them taste it, then show them how easy it is to prepare. Actually, this would work with many scenarios and products.  Demonstrations are great. Remember the pocket fisherman?
  • A local produce market sells apples for 10¢ each. When they want to really move products they put them on special, 10 for $1. People love to get a deal, even if they are still paying retail. I know, because we have a lot of apples.

Use your imagination and move your business to the next level. Watch what works for other businesses and modify it to work for you.

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