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Hosting Guarantee/Site Design Warranty

Hosting Uptime Guarantee:
We guarantee our uptime to be 99% or better or we will refund you money! Certain limitations do apply. See our TOS for full details. If we fall below 99% in any month, we'll refund 10% of your monthly hosting cost. If we fall below 97% in any month, we won't charge you for that month. Refunds will appear as a credit on your account.

Site Design Warranty:
We warrant all information on any web site we design and/or maintain to be accurate, as represented by site owner, for the duration of your hosting with us. Should an error be found any time during your hosting period, notify us for free corrections. Phone numbers, addresses and other dynamic information is included under this policy. Specifically excluded are material changes to the site copy itself, unless corrective in nature. Sites not hosted by us carry a 1 year Warranty of Accuracy.

You can download a PDF of our Hosting Guarantee and our Site Warranty here.

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