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AmeriWeb Hosting Discount Domain Names

Pricing Comparison
Unfortunately, most registrars make it very difficult to determine exactly what their fees are. Our competitors frequently advertise one price, but by the time you tack on their fees and follow the trail of asterisks and fine print, you end up nickel-and-dimed into a higher price. It's also common for our competitors to advertise low prices to get you in the door, but then hit you with hidden setup fees, mandatory minimums or force you to purchase expensive additional services just to get the originally marketed price. In other cases you have to wait to place your order until a special promotion or coupon code is given in order to receive advertised pricing.

The AmeriWeb Difference
At AmeriWeb, we take pride in making it easy and hassle-free for you to get the lowest domain registration prices on the Internet without any of those tricks. No exceptions. The price you see is the price we sell for. No exceptions.

How to Find the Perfect Domain Name
Just ask! Send recommended keywords to use, we will send you a list of available names. You can limit search by extension, price or number of digits in the domain. Email us for particulars!

In addition to the industry standard .com .net .org please
Consider one of the new extensions we also offer:

.ac        .academy        .accountant        .accountants        .actor        .agency        .airforce        .apartments        .archi        .army        .art        .asia        .associates        .attorney        .auction        .audio        .band        .bar        .bargains        .beer        .best        .bid        .bike        .bingo        .bio        .black        .blackfriday        .blog        .blue        .boston        .boutique        .builders        .business        .buzz        .ca        .cab        .cafe        .camera        .camp        .capital        .cards        .care        .careers        .casa        .cash        .casino        .catering        .cc        .center        .charity        .chat        .cheap        .christmas         .church        .city        .claims        .cleaning        .click        .clinic        .clothing         .cloud        .co        .coach        .codes        .college        .consulting        .coffee        .community        .company        .computer        .condos        .construction        .contractors        .cooking        .cool        .coupons        .courses        .credit        .creditcard        .cricket        .cruises        .dance        .date        .dating        .deals        .degree        .delivery        .democrat        .dental        .dentist        .design        .diamonds        .diet        .digital        .direct        .directory        .discount        .doctor        .dog        .domains        .download        .earth        .education        .email        .energy        .engineer        .engineering        .enterprises        .equipment        .estate        .events        .exchange        .expert        .exposed        .express        .fail        .faith        .family        .fans        .farm        .fashion        .feedback        .film        .finance        .financial        .fish .fishing        .fit        .fitness        .flights        .florist        .flowers        .football        .forsale        .foundation        .fun        .fund        .furniture        .futbol        .fyi        .gallery        .game        .games        .garden         .gift        .gifts        .gives        .glass        .global        .gmbh        .gold        .golf        .graphics        .gratis        .green        .gripe        .group        .guide        .guitars        .guru        .haus        .healthcare        .help        .hiphop        .hiv        .hockey        .holdings        .holiday        .horse        .hospital        .host        .hosting        .house        .icu        .immo        .immobilien        .in        .industries        .ink        .institute        .insure        .international        .investments        .io        .irish        .jewelry        .jetzt        .juegos        .kaufen        .kim        .kitchen        .la        .land        .law        .lawyer        .lease        .legal        .lgbt        .life        .lighting        .limited        .limo        .link        .live        .llc        .loan        .loans        .lol        .love        .ltd        .maison        .management        .market        .marketing        .mba        .me        .media        .memorial        .men        .menu        .miami        .mobi        .moda        .moe        .mom        .money        .mortgage        .movie        .mx        .navy        .network        .news        .ninja        .observer        .one        .online        .ooo        .organic        .partners        .parts        .party        .pet        .photography        .photo        .photos        .pics        .pictures        .pink        .pizza        .place        .plumbing        .plus        .press        .pro        .productions        .promo         .properties        .property        .protection        .pub        .pw        .racing        .realty        .recipes        .red        .rehab        .reise        .reisen        .rent        .rentals        .repair        .report        .republican        .rest        .restaurant        .review        .reviews        .rip        .rocks        .rodeo        .run        .sale        .salon        .sarl        .school        .schule        .science        .security        .services        .sexy        .sh        .shiksha        .shoes         .shop        .shopping        .show        .singles        .site        .ski        .soccer        .social        .software        .solar        .solutions        .space        .storage        .stream        .studio        .study        .style        .sucks        .supplies        .supply        .support        .surf         .surgery        .systems        .tattoo        .tax        .taxi        .team        .tech        .technology        .tel        .tennis        .theater        .theatre        .tickets        .tienda        .tips         .tires        .today        .tools        .tours        .town        .toys        .trade        .training        .tube        .tv        .university        .uno        .vacations        .vegas        .ventures         .vet        .viajes        .video        .villas        .vin        .vip        .vision        .vodka        .voyage        .watch        .webcam        .website        .wedding        .whoswho        .wiki        .win        .wine        .works        .world        .work        .ws        .wtf        .yoga        .zone

We take domain names seriously! Our average net profit margin on domains is $1. Our thin margins are your gain!

$11.95 .com
$12.95 . net
$11.95 .org
$14.95 .info
$11.95 .us
$15.95 .biz
$11.95 .club
$11.95 .top
$50.00 .store
$11.95 .xyz
$11.95 .company
$11.95 .realty

NO ICANN fees to pay
NO transfer fees to add in
NO credit card fees to pay
What you see is what you pay!

Domain Names at a Discount
All prices are per year. We include all this free:

FREE DNS Management Tools
FREE Domain Defender Protection
FREE Whois Privacy
FREE Custom Whois if preferred
FREE Domain Parking
FREE Domain Forwarding
FREE Email Forwarding
FREE Registry Lock


Domain names can easily be transferred in to AmeriWeb.
FIRST log into your current domain registrar and unlock the domain. Locked domains cannot be transferred.
SECOND obtain the domain's transfer code from your current registrar. Also known as an EPP code, Authorization code or Transfer Key. A multidigit code that can be emailed to us, or entered when asked for by our robot.

If you are not sure, simply contact us and we can handle the transfer for you.


How DNS worksOnce you change the nameservers with your domain's registrar, it takes several hours to several days to fully propagate. Do not cancel your web site with the old host until this period is complete. Usually the transfer is quick and seamless....but.... once in a while... !

Across the world is the Domain Name System (DNS) that directs all web traffic. They translate a domain name into the IP address associated with the site you are seeking to display on the host server. When you change your nameservers at the registrar, these changes are sent out across the DNS, telling them of the change. Across the world this may take as much as 48-72 hours, altho it is usually much much faster. Click HERE for a fascinating 6 page article on how it all works.

Interesting to note, it is also possible the area served by one DNS server will refresh quickly and display your new info, while the adjoining area's DNS may take a day or two to refresh. So you could be talking with a customer by phone who is seeing the old version while you are looking at the new version. It happens!

AmeriWeb Hosting TracerouteHappily, most domains propagate within a few hours, and once in a while within minutes.

If you would like to see the route you take between your computer and AmeriWeb's Canada Server click this link:

To access our server in Canada, our office computer bounces from the Chicago suburbs through an ATT hub located in Romeoville, travels through Wichita and goes on to Montreal. Later today, it may take another route. On occasion our office routes through Europe before returning back to our hemisphere. That is the magic of the internet, the most efficient route is always used.


If you have a domain expire, you can still renew it per the schedule below after the expiration date. Do note your domain goes to auction after day 5 and you can lose it on day 31 to the highest bidder. If no bids are made, and you did not renew it during the grace period, you enter the restore period and must pay $100 to renew. This is not an AmeriWeb charge.

Grace Period
Days 1
The domain will stop functioning as the domain will be placed on clientHold status (web site won't load, email won't be delivered, etc.), but the domain can be renewed at our regular renewal rates. Please see below and know that you may lose your domain on the 31st day if it is bid upon via auction.
Day 5 The domain is made available for auction bidding. You can still renew the domain at our regular renewal rates. If you renew the domain at any time before the auction ends, the auction will automatically stop. Your domain can be renewed at our regular renewal rates.
Day 31 The domain auction ends. The highest bidder will be awarded the domain at this time if there are any active bids. You would lose your domain at this time if it was not renewed. If no bids were made, your domain can still be renewed at our regular renewal rates.
Day 33 You lose the right to renew at regular prices.

Restore Period
Days 34-64 The domain can only be renewed during this period using the registry restoration process. You can still renew the domain through your account, but the cost will be $100. This increased cost is a registar fee and we do not profit on it.

Pending Delete
Days 65-69 The domain can no longer be renewed at any price, and will be deleted from the registry. Once your domain reaches this status, there is nothing that can be done to renew it.

Day 70+ The domain has been deleted from the registry and is returned to the pool of available domains for anybody to register. The domain (it is no longer your domain) can be registered by anyone in the world through any registrar.

PLEASE NOTE: These dates are not set in stone and may fluxuate slightly. Don't bet the store on it, renew your domain when due!


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We offer routine customer support during normal business hours, and are available 24/7 including all holidays for emergency service if needed.


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