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We're Moving!

AmeriWeb Hosting has recently changed the location of its servers. Here are some questions and answers about why we made the move.

Why did you decide to move?
Our servers are leased at a server farm and each physical server is managed by local technicians. The server center we were at (for about 5 years) was great, but they were bought out by a company with a rather poor reputation. As they began switching servers over to their server center, complaints became commonplace. Some sites took as long as 7 minutes to load. We couldn't do this to our clients, and we switched to another center ahead of our migration.

How did you research a new facility?
We took recommendations from other hosting companies and compared over 100 vendors. We specifically sought an extremely stable center with great support and quality equipment running up to date software. We narrowed it down to 4, and had conversations with each by phone. Eliminating two of the remaining, we went with the two centers we now host from. One in California and one in Ontario.

Why did you go out of the US to find a new center?
We were looking for quality of service and a strong internet backbone. We selected our Ontario center because they offered amazing quality and service. They were just too good to walk away from!

When was the last time you switched and when will the next time be?
We were with our old host for approximately 5 years and would still be with them if circumstances had not drastically changed. We hope to never make another move, but will always monitor the quality of our vendors to ensure we can offer quality services to our clients. Always.

Is there a difference between the Ontario and California servers as far as a hosting client is concerned?
Not really, both offer the exact same product with only a few minor tweaks. Ontario uses solid state drives (SSD) and sites with them do actually tend to load slightly faster. Our California vendor has been around for many years and manages thousands of servers. They both have great reputations.

AmeriWeb Hosting currently has 3 servers; 2 production servers plus a testing server with multiple uses. We keep our servers running below 50% capacity to allow for occasional spikes in traffic.


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