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Why we place our servers in Server Farms

To be an effective host requires planning for the unexpected. Just the thought of a burglar taking the servers which host our customers and having access to all of the data including emails is a horrifying thought. More commonly found issues include utility outages, servers overheating, fires and network outages.

The solution is to build multiple redundant backup systems at one server center and guard it all with an armed security force.

The cost to install redundant air conditioner systems, multiple network connections, automated commercial grade fire suppression, high output automated generators with uninterrupted battery power supplies, and to staff a security force 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is enormous.

A server center administers thousands of servers and divides these fixed costs among all servers instead of just a few, so the cost per sever is greatly reduced. A guard can secure access to a thousands of servers for the same cost as securing one. We pass these efficiency savings on to our customers in the form of lower fees.

Download a PDF fact sheet about our server setup

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Services by Server Location
Server Locations
New York

24/7 Staffing

24/7 Armed Security
Tier 1 Network
Quality Servers
Redundant HVAC
Redundant Fire Suppression
Redundant Network Connect
Redundant Power Backups
SAS 70 Type II Certification
Backup Generators
Uninterrupted Power Supply

Ontario Servers use solid state drives (SSD) instead of platter hard drives. This makes them up to 100 times faster than regular hard disk drives to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Ontario has internet backbones that serve the east Coast and Midwest directly for a fast response time.
New York Servers are at a proven and very stable server center.
Missouri Server is at a proven and very stable server center roughly in the middle of the US.
We also have a Chicago Server which is used for testing, specific backup functions and internal administrative uses. It holds just a few live customer sites that do not require redundancy. For this reason multi tier connections, backup utilities or armed security guards are unnecessary in Chicago.

All servers are monitored and administered from our Network Operations Center here in Chicago. We have 2 AmeriWeb remote backup NOCs, in Michigan and the far west suburbs of Chicago and have two additional NOCs under contract (one in New York and one in Ontario).



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